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REAC chooses CPM Suite for their business reporting

NCG Group delivers CPM Suite to REAC for their business reporting. CPM Suite will interact with Microsoft Dynamics AX.
For more information contact: [email protected]
About CPM Suite
CPM Suite is a software product for planning, budgeting, forecasting, consolidation, reporting and analysis utilizing Microsoft Excel functionality.
For more information see www.ncg-group.com
About REAC
REAC offer a broad range of advanced motion products suitable for many different applications. Our aim is to offer our clients an excellent service, backed up by experience and know-how in the application of advanced motion components. Reac AB is wholly owned by Latour Industries. Latour Industries is a part of the investment company Latour Investment AB, a mixed investment company quoted on the NASDAQ OMX Stockholm Large Cap. Reac AB has a long tradition as a supplier of motion products and solutions to various industries. Reac is a motion solution system provider with a strong offer of a complete range of electrical actuators, hoists and other innovative electro-mechanical motion solutions that we name ?electric muscles?.
For more information see www.reac.se
About NCG Group
NCG Group develops software products for Performance Management and Business Intelligence. Our main objective is to simplify, improve and streamline our customer?s daily tasks through intuitive and profitability oriented software products for more effective company control.

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