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NCG Group?s software BizView attracts success with forecast solutions in the food industry

Our partner ABC Group is a leading provider of information solutions to the food industry in the Norwegian market. The software solution ABC4U Food is based on the leading ERP system Microsoft Dynamics 2012 and BizView from NCG Group. With BizView we can offer a world-leading feature within forecast management for the food industry fully integrated with Microsoft Dynamics, says Sales Director Geir Elvestad.
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About BizView
Software product with workflow for planning, forecasting, budgeting, consolidation, reports and analysis utilizing spreadsheet interface, dashboards and web technology.
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Press release ? Alna Margarinfabrik
Alna Margarinfabrik expands its partnership with ABC Group
Alna Margarinfabrik is a solid traditional company in Oslo, Norway. High quality products have characterized the company since founded in 1938. It all started with margarine production which later developed into other products such as oils, mayonnaise, dressings, ketchup, salads, eggs in brine etc.
1985 Alna Margarinfabrik extended its product line to include imports and merchandise of canned fruits and vegetables, tomato and egg, pasta, rice, juice and jam etc., all in order to offer the customer good quality at a reasonable price.
ABC Group is a provider of ERP solutions to Alna Margarinfabrik. ABC Group?s solutions, with focus on efficient logistics and safe food, contribute to Alna Margarinfabrik?s high efficiency in their logistics operations and control of food safety.
Growth in range and volumes leads to that Alna Margarinfabrik recognize the need for better tools, processes and procedures on one hand to ensure its stable and high level of service and on the other hand to optimizing the ongoing capital and management costs in its logistics operation.
CEO Christina Bütof clarifies in the conversation how somewhat delayed information on changes in demand affects planners, purchasers and the production operation. Sometimes we have had to use both May 17 and other holidays to meet demand, she says while rolling her eyes a little.
T?le Liereng, a consultant at ABC Group and expert on demand forecasts, says that ?acoustical planning? is probably as common at Alna Margarinfabrik as in many other businesses in the Norwegian food industry. Yes, in other industries as well for that matter.
ABC Group conducts these days a ?Program for Effective Logistics? at Alna Margarinfabrik. Christina Bütof is very pleased with the ongoing cooperation with ABC Group and explains that beside the ambition to combine continued high level of service with lower capital and management costs, it is policy to ensure better working conditions for planners, purchasers and especially production staff.
Sales and Marketing Manager Trygve Ingbretsen says in the interview that although the sales force at Alna Margarinfabrik have felt that they have reasonably good control on expected demand, it?s a fact that there is something to be gained by using better tools that are tailored for the purpose. In particular, we look forward to our new forecasting tools enabling us to develop more time and cost effective collaboration practices together with planning, procurement and production. Implementation of the product ABC Forecast, a customized web based forecasting tool for suppliers to the food industry and catering, I think will help us well to realize our goals, ends Trygve Ingbretsen.
Sales and Marketing Director at ABC Group, Geir Elvestad, wish Alna Margarinfabrik all the best with their program and suggests that perhaps more businesses can benefit from further studying what ABC Group has to contribute in order to ensure logistical efficiency. We are at your service to anyone who wants a chat, ends Elvestad.
ABC Forecast, a product in the ABC Group?s award winning product portfolio is designed in the well-known tool BizView.
BizView is an independent tool for developing web based forecasting, budgeting and reporting solutions and has the best conditions for producing user-efficient and functional web applications on all familiar browser platforms.
Alna Margarinfabrik and ABC Group has collaborated in the implementation of efficient logistics and integrated quality solutions since 2008.
ABC Group is a supplier of ready-made information solutions to the food industry supply chain in the grocery industry. Based on the award winning ERP solution Microsoft Dynamics AX ABC Group delivers turnkey ERP solutions to the industry. Orkla, Grilstad, Lerum, Jensen & Co, Finsbr?ten, Haugen-Gruppen Nordic, Smedstuen and Lantmännen are just a small selection of food companies using ABC Group?s solutions in the food industry.
Oslo 10 January 2013
For more information about Alna Margarinfabrik see www.alna.as
For more information about ABC Group see www.abc-group.no
About NCG Group
NCG Group develops software products for Performance Management and Business Intelligence. Our main objective is to simplify, improve and streamline our customer?s daily tasks through intuitive and profitability oriented software products for more effective company control.

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