Haugen-Gruppen Nordic expands its cooperation with our BizView partner ABC Group

20-03-2012 09:30 NCG Group Haugen-Gruppen Nordic expands its cooperation with our BizView partner ABC Group NCG Norway continues its success with its partner ABC Group. See press release from ABC Group below.

Press Release from ABC Group
Haugen-Gruppen Nordic expands its cooperation with ABC Group
Haugen-Gruppen Nordic is one of the leading importers of groceries in the Nordic. The company is a major player in the Grocery Market, Industrial Kitchen and Wine and Spirits.
Haugen-Gruppen represents a number of famous brands such as Twinings, Heinz, Ryvita, Finn Crisp, Bollinger, Corona and Anton Berg. The group is represented by separate companies in Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland and Iceland.
ABC Group is supplier of ER solutions for Haugen-Gruppen. ABC Group?s solutions, focusing on Efficient Logistics and Food Safety, contribute to the Haugen-Gruppen?s high efficiency in its logistics operations and superior control of food safety.
In recent years Haugen-Gruppen has expanded in Scandinavia both organically and through acquisitions of companies. Nordic co-ordination of product portfolios, chain negotiations and the overall logistics operation in the group have been high on the list, to ensure competitiveness and ability to deliver. Implementation of the software product ABC Forecaster at the end of 2011, a customized forecasting tool with web technology for suppliers to the Grocery Market and Industrial Kitchen, gives Haugen-Gruppen significant gains. The benefits are visible through improved forecasting security. Financial Director Stig Kongsfjell points out that this gives Haugen-Gruppen opportunity to increase security of supply to their customers which has been a challenge as a result of the groups increased volumes, while the relative capital tied up in inventories shall be reduced. Kongsfjell adds further emphasis on the Nordic coordination of forecasts, coordinated to chain listing and integrated with purchasing and production planning is expected to give Haugen-Gruppen additional cost and time efficiencies in the future.
Sales and Marketing Director of ABC Group, Geir Elvestad, highlight Haugen-Gruppen as perhaps the most professional company in terms of efficient implementation and effective use of modern information technology in the food industry. Elvestad bases this assessment on the basis of that ABC Group currently is supplier to over 40 companies in this industry and is in daily contact with players in this market. Many companies have something to learn from Haugen-Gruppen if they wish to study the possibilities of combining the efficient logistics with safe and secure food, says Elvestad.
ABC Forecaster, a product of the ABC Group?s award-winning product portfolio, is designed with the use of the renowned software product BizView from NCG Group.
BizView is an independent software product, from NCG Group, for forecasting, budgeting and reporting utilizing web technology, and has the very best conditions for producing effective use and functional web applications on all familiar browser platforms.
Haugen-Gruppen Nordic and ABC Group have collaborated on the implementation of effective logistics solutions and integrated quality solutions since 2009.
ABC Group is a supplier of ready-made information solutions to the supply chain in the Grocery Market. Based on its market-leading ERP solutions, Microsoft Dynamics AX, ABC Group delivers turnkey ERP solutions for the industry.
Orkla, Grilstad, Lerum, Jensen & Co, Finsbr?ten, Smedstuen and Lantmännen, is just a small selection of food companies that use ABC Group?s solutions in the food industry.
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Oslo 7th of March 2012
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