Acer Announces Key Management Reshuffle

Oliver Ahrens to front EMEA operations
Scott Lin to concurrently head China operations
Walter Deppeler to lead global marketing and branding
Acer announces key management reshuffle. Acer EMEA president Walter Deppeler shall lead global marketing and branding while concurrently serving as chief marketing officer. President of Acer China Oliver Ahrens will front the EMEA operations, and president of Acer Taiwan Scott Lin will concurrently head the China operations.
Furthermore, in recognition of the following executives? contribution to Acer?s overall business, Scott Lin, Oliver Ahrens and the president of Asia Pacific operations, Steve Lin, are promoted from the title of corporate vice president to ?senior? corporate vice president; Walter Deppeler already holds this title.
The management reshuffles crossover to the company?s regional markets. By strategically placing the executives in positions that amplify their core capabilities, Acer expects to enhance operating efficiency and fortify overall competitiveness very soon.
Walter Deppeler of Swiss nationality is well-acquainted with the regional sales and marketing affairs. He previously served as Acer EMEA?s vice president and acting president. After the departure of former Acer CEO Gianfranco Lanci in late March, Deppeler took over the EMEA presidency. In this short period, he effectively lowered the region?s channel inventory and stabilized the organization. Deppeler will next lead Acer?s global marketing and branding function while also serving as chief marketing officer.
Oliver Ahrens of German nationality has accrued long-term experience in EMEA. He was formerly country manager of Acer Germany, while serving in parallel as business director of EMEA?s peripherals business unit. In April 2009, Ahrens took over as president of Acer China, where he successfully laid the ground works for a solid business operation, integrated the Founder PC business, and boosted Acer?s market share and revenue in China by almost three fold.
Scott Lin, having been in charge of Acer China operations from 1998~2005, is a veteran of the China market. During his tenure, Lin established an efficient channel and service infrastructure, defined a clear product strategy, enhanced marketing efforts, and increased the number of offices and storage facilities. As head of the Taiwan operations since 2001, Lin was behind Acer?s consecutive growths in market share and in achieving the No. 1 position for total PC shipments at large.
The executives will begin handover of their responsibilities immediately and expect to complete by the year end.

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